frequently asked questions

General conversations

  • Which country is IGA from?

    Hello, IGA is an international brand.

  • About brand exposure?

    At present, customers from China, Brazil, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Tanzania, Iran and Europe have used our reports. And Chinese customers are willing to join our brand. We are also doing the work of increasing brand quality, service, value, etc. More customers will know IGA soon.

  • about quality?

    We have strict rules, regulations and work procedure, which ensures our quality.

    If you have any dissatisfaction with our reports, you can contact us at any time.

  • testing speed?

    We offer 24 hours Exress Service( Being members now, can enjoy express service for free)    

    If you have no more than 20, you can send them to the lab in the morning and we will finish them for you within the same day.    

    If you have about 200 pieces, you can take the results back in three days.

  • address?

    The old BIS Building, also called Warner Tower. Quite close to the JTC gemstone Building.

  • opening time?

    We open from Monday to Saturday and only have Sunday off. 9:00 a.m. till 6 p.m.

  • can you do the testing back in china?

    Can do the identification back in China, the speed (waiting time) will be the same.

  • can you provide the reports back in china?

    Yes, member enjoy the free delivery to China.


  • can you put pictures of the inclusions on your report?

    Yes, we can print the photos of inclusions on our Advanced reports.($300/report)

  • can you make lable on the cover of the report?

    Yes, we do.

  • sometimes you don't write on the remark. sometimes are too simple

    Thank you for your suggestion. We filled in the remark according to the requirements of the guests. Now we will double check your reqeust with you whenever you do report.

  • service type

    Color gemtones, jade, diamond, organic gem, precious metals ( some customer will use jewelry, it means different kind of gemstones)

  • how many lab you have?

    More then 20 labs,planing to open in more countries now.


  • which countries your lab are?

    China,Thailand,Xinjiang,Yunnan,Guangzhou,Henan,Jiangsu,Shandong,Beijing,Inner Mongolia etc. Planned to open in Japan,Sirilanka,Myanmar,Sri Lanka etc.

  • how many kinds of reports you have?

    Big reports, small report, master/advanced report, jade report, video report.

  • can you do origin?

    Yes (if the client asks which countries, then answer: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, etc.).    

    For more information please visit our lab.    

    If the client arrives at the laboratory and some of the gemstone can't be identification,  tell them that we have purchased relevant equipments which are on the way. The rest of the gemstone can be tested immediately.


  • i need it very urgently, do you offer express service.

    200THB/stone for 24 hours Express service, During the promotion, being our members will enjoy Express service for free.      

    (If client will be a potential good customer and  a stable customer.) How much stones you will do? I can apply do your report first.

  • my stone is over 3.5ct, can enjoy your promotion(special offer) price?

    Yes,  price is same between 0.1-5ct.

  • how much for oral report?

    200THB,100THB for all members.